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The 5th Indelicates Album is OUT NOW

We’ll be adding everything to this shop shortly, but for now, full details and buying options are at:


Hawking our wares from a panoply of market stalls was getting a bit convoluted, so we built this new sexy shop to sell everything in one place.

We’ve put in a trolley system so that you can browse and make multiple purchases easily and we’ve made sure to link effectively to all the products (T-Shirts etc) that are hosted elsewhere. You can choose to pay using paypal or google checkout – Google requires an account, Paypal does not – either is fine by us.

We’ve also grouped some of our more popular back catalogue items into packages, in case you’re new to us and want everything in a hurry.

Happy browsing! We promise not to come up to you repeatedly and ask if we can help you find anything. Unless we CAN help you find anything. Can we? Maybe that’d be a good feature to add later – an unswitchoffable IM service where we can keep interrupting you with sales patter. CDs, eh? yeah they’d look amazing on you. Shall we ring that up?

No? Oh fine, just look around then. You can find everything yourself by using the navigation in the sidebar.


Over there.



NEW! The fourth Indelicates Album, Diseases of England, Is OUT NOW:

Diseases Of England

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