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As business people, you will have no doubt noticed that the music industry has been in severe difficulty over the last decade. At the heart of this decline is a simple economic reality – Business models which rely on the relative scarcity and economies of scale involved in the production of physical media are not suited to a world where the delivery of content has become a trivial and inexpensive act. The demand for music has not collapsed – the supply of music has exploded.

It is necessary to imagine a new business paradigm where musical content can be delivered to consumers at a price they are willing to pay. There are many ideas to try – and we have tried several of them – but we would like you to consider working with us on our newest.

In short, we would like your company to become the corporate sponsor of an Indelicates album.

We would like you to cover the production and PR costs of the record. In exchange, we will display your logo prominently on all album artwork, make frequent references to your sponsorship in any interviews promoting the album, carry your message on our website for the duration of the album’s promotional period and include your promotional message as a track on the album. The official, listed name of the album will be ‘[your company] presents… [whatever we decide to call it]’.

Additionally, our PR campaign for the record will focus on the new business model we are exploring and your role in it. We believe that, with the right PR spend, we will be able to generate significant interest in this story and that this will be to our mutual advantage.

The digital album will be free to download. We intend to distribute it via a new, simple website that we will develop, via bittorrent and on our own content platform ‘’. We will also work with a digital distributor to place the album in all the usual online outlets (itunes etc.) and, where a particular outlet does not allow free downloads, we will set our price as low as the store permits. We will manufacture CDs, Vinyl LPs and Special editions ourselves and distribute them through our website.

We believe that this will cost:

Album production inc. Studio Time, Mastering and Expenses:


PR and plugging to Radio, TV and press


Initial Manufacture of Physical Media (with us to be responsible for reorders)


Fees for design, web development and other incidentals


We are looking, therefore, for £32,000 sponsorship from a single company per album.

We believe that this will deliver real value to your business. We have a global fanbase of listeners and we have an established track record as innovators who have worked outside of the traditional music industry for our last two releases. We have proved that we are more than capable of competing with major record labels on quality, reach and distribution. Our only shortcoming is in our ability to spend an amount on marketing that will allow us to compete in the media. With your investment, at this time (following the abandonment of SOPA by the US congress, the defeat of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, the ongoing sagas surrounding Megaupload and The Pirate Bay and the introduction in coming months and years of punitive and inevitably unpopular measures against filesharers) we believe that we can draw attention to a new release and, with it, to your brand.

The lobbying of the content industries has turned technically savvy young people against business. Companies have appeared not to serve the interest of music and it has drastically undermined the way their brands are viewed. By offering us the sponsorship we need, your company will prove that it has the interests of young consumers and artists in mind and that it is well placed to understand the changing nature of doing business in the digital world.

The business of delivering music – and of all content – has got to change. We are offering you the opportunity to change the paradigm and be a proactive force in making it a change for the better.

To discuss this further, we can be reached at Or via the contact page. Or just:


Corporate Sponsorship

Unit Price: £32,000.00 each

Thank you for your time.

Simon and Julia Indelicate

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