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Of late, Simon has been busying himself making Children’s Books. This is because he is a terminal procrastinator: he is supposed to be writing his half of the fourth Indelicates Record but instead he’s done this – it’s ridiculous – he’s even doing it now, he’s supposed to be writing the product blurb for his children’s books, but instead there’s this rambling, weirdly third-person paragraph about procrastination.


These are the two books currently on sale for £10 +£1p&p (UK)/£2p&p(R.O.W.):

Flopsy Bunney and His Friends

A rather odder book, this peculiar tome, in which a possibly deranged bunny introduces you to his friends – a colourful assortment of Disco Birds, Noble Seals, Austrian Germanoglot Marmots and Old Teddies – is for children and adults alike. I swear to god you will love it.

Flopsy Bunney Book

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Felix The Fieldmouse

This one is about a mouse who is terrified of bonfire night. You can look inside it at our children’s site here, or buy the audiobook here or just listen to the story here:

Then buy a copy because it’s ace:

Felix The Fieldmouse, Paperback Book

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