The Book Of Job: The Musical

Our Musical, a comedy based on the bible’s most theologically challenging tale of slaughter, celestial gambling and nasty rashes, has been regularly revived for more than half a decade.

Will Job curse God to his face? Will Satan win his bet? Does God really – as Karl Jung states in his ‘Answer To Job’ [routledge, 1952 p.10] – “not care a button for any moral opinion nor recognise any form of ethics as binding”?

Find Out! Only by buying a copy of this enormous double album* today!

The Book of Job: The Musical! Double CD

Job - Double CD


*comes on CD-Rs, burned at home from original wav masters.


The Complete Annotated Script

With one-hundred footnotes, the complete guitar chords, instructive photographs, and every last word of the show lovingly transcribed – This package contains everything you need to perform Simon Indelicate’s Book of Job: The Musical in your own home!

Job Script


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