Super Special Editions

Since we released Songs For Swinging Lovers we’ve been offering these high end audience/band interface solutions. We think they’re pretty brilliant. Basically the idea is this: If you buy one, you get a bespoke bundle of stuff (including vinyl, lyric books, gobbles, toys, fudge and downloads) + we come to wherever it is you’d like us to, play and record an acoustic live album for you, then sign a binding contract transferring all the rights in the recording to you – thereby creating a limited edition of one.

We’ve done a whole bunch of these now and they’ve never failed to be amazing. Originally, we would record the SFSL tracks in order, but now you can specify which tracks you’d like in advance, request a selection, or any other thing you’d have us do.

In general, we can only offer this to people who want us to play within the UK mainland, but we are regularly in the US and europe and, while we can’t afford to cover overseas travel specifically for special edition shows, if we are coming to your part of the world – we will come to anywhere we can get to. Please contact us to find out what’s possible.

Some of the special editions are available from the purchasers through corporate records if you’d like a better sense of what you’ll get:

New York City:


Super Special Edition

Select Your Location within the UK Mainland:



Need more convincing?

Download a complete SSE Show recorded in Glasgow and made available by the buyers (proceeds go to them)
for 20p or as much as you’d like here:

Watch this video shot at a SSE show in Stuttgart, 2011

Look at this
picture of a Contract being signed in Port Byron, IL

look at this picture of us rocking out in a rehearsal studio SSE show in New York City

Now listen to this preview of Anthem For Doomed Youth from a SSE show in Cambridge

Hear what a nice time everyone is having?



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