While investigating the mysterious deaths of 30 edwardian children off the coasts of England, we discovered these little charms. Each came bundled on antiqued, nickel-free 22cm (8.5 inch) chains, and are waterproof. Each postage stamp bears a date from the early 20th Century and a postmark from the United States, perhaps the one clue to acertaining how these children met their end, and finally laying their souls to rest. We have given them names, as each bundle is unique. Sometimes it feels as though they are the right ones. Harley says that at night she can hear whispering coming from the evidence chest where they are kept, but I'm sure she is just being superstitious...  

Anjelicka Necklace

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Annie Murder Necklace

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Constance Necklace


Mary-Ann Necklace

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Mary-Jo Necklace